Lisa Zayas


Lisa Zayas is an inspirational leader who has catalyzed change for individuals and organizations for more than 20 years. As Co-founder of NeuroNap Performance she co-created the vision during the most challenging time of her life – while undergoing treatments for a life-threatening illness.

Lisa overcame this illness against major odds and despite prognosis. This strengthened her resolve to follow her life’s purpose: to redefine what is possible for well-being and improve the quality of people’s lives. As someone whose life was dramatically impacted by the technology at the core of the NeuroNap program, Lisa is dedicated to making this technology accessible to others.

Lisa has over 18 years of experience managing large-scale, strategic, multi-disciplinary, complex, and global programs in technology, at companies such as Salesforce and IBM. She has lead programs in engineering as well as education and training. She has implemented numerous corporate programs for a global audience. Prior to her leap into technology she ran life-impacting programs for underprivileged high-risk youth, helping hundreds of clients to access life-changing opportunities. Lisa is a public speaker whose focus includes well-being, resilience, brain fitness, and breast cancer.