Larry McAlister

Larry McAllister Small

Equinix is the largest data center company in the world, and Larry leads the Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Culture & Values efforts on a mission to promote HR transformation. The status quo brings out a nervous tick in McAlister. Fortunately, he is adept at identifying trends in performance, hiring and leadership and translating those trends into tangible programs to solve business problems and effectively drive change. He recently guided the organization through a complete performance management re-design.

Leveraging his ability to find a better way, McAlister is defining and refining talent initiatives with a focus on authenticity, efficiencies and an all-around better experience for all stakeholders. In his years at Equinix, McAlister has codified the company culture to lead the successful launch of the Magic of Equinix, has increased hiring volume with a 2.0 approach, and replaced traditional performance ratings with quarterly conversations and a focus on impact, values and a growth mindset.

Larry also led HR transformation efforts at Glu Mobile, TIBCO Software and Philips Electronics.