Work related illness on the increase

With over 40% of days lost from work-related illness being attributed to stress and mental health issues, which has become one of the top five reasons for long-term absence, the need for employers to tackle the issue of employee well-being in the workplace is increasing.

Organisations, large and small, are realising that to attract the best talent and keep them fully engaged whilst dealing with an ever-increasing daily workload, they need to provide a comprehensive well-being programme.

Awareness is increasing with employees as well.  More is being asked of them and as a consequence there is a growing awareness that the work-place needs to change for them to realise their true potential, and remain healthy and happy.

The Well-being at Work Event will set out to tackle the major issues and provide a forum for the world of business to share experience and ideas, leaving you inspired and energised with the tools to implement change.

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The Well-Being At Work Event – Thursday, 15 October 2015
Cavendish Conference Centre,
22 Duchess Mews,
London W1


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