Why Workplace Massage?

Can’t people just go get a massage somewhere else, like a spa, where they can fully relax and not have to go back to work? The duration of chair massage is so short – would it even make a dent in my stress level? In this blog, I will address not only why is it[…]

Six Mindful Books for Building Resilience

1) THE POWER OF OFF The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World Nancy Colier (Sounds True) Having a universal communicator, satellite-driven locator, and encyclopedia of all knowledge everpresent at our fingertips is making us a little bit crazy, and—according Nancy Colier, one of the newest entrants in the tech-survival guide game—a little[…]

Work related illness on the increase

With over 40% of days lost from work-related illness being attributed to stress and mental health issues, which has become one of the top five reasons for long-term absence, the need for employers to tackle the issue of employee well-being in the workplace is increasing. Organisations, large and small, are realising that to attract the best talent and keep them[…]