Angela Martinucci

Angela Small

Angela Martinucci is a visionary leader who has inspired hundreds of people to transform their lives by focusing on their well-being.

She is Co-founder of NeuroNap Performance where she saw the opportunity to take a proven brain fitness technology to a grand scale. As a young cancer survivor, she discovered this advanced brain training technology at the core of the NeuroNap program as a healing tool, which dramatically impacted her life. Early on she had the vision to bring this to others, where she could spend her days improving the quality of people’s lives.

She founded Mind Balance, a small business providing brain training to the therapeutic market. She has witnessed the power of this program to transform lives. She has worked with executives, stressed employees, children, brain injury patients, cancer survivors and athletes looking to improve their game.  As a Bulletproof human performance coach in-training, Angela is taking the most innovative ideas on the market today and bringing this to her clients. She loves to lead brain training education workshops for doctors, corporations and other professionals and is passionate about setting up organizations with brain fitness programs to help optimize well-being in the workplace.